Saturday, October 25, 2014

Horrorthon Review #25 - The Skeptic (2009)

You know, I think I'm starting to realize something.  I keep lucking on to these pretty decent movies, and I come to realize that there are good movies out there, you just have to look for them!  Sure, some of them turn out to be stinkers, but if it wasn't for the bad ones, what would we have to compare the good ones to, right?  Exactly!

The Skeptic (2009) stars Tim Daly as Bryan Becket, a mainly unemotional lawyer whose Aunt dies and leaves him a house.  Bryan's wife (Andrea Roth) was considering a brief separation from him, so he moves into the old house in hopes of quickly selling it and anything else of value in the home, only to find out that his Aunt had left the house to a foundation for Psychic research.  As it turns out, the Aunt had thought the house haunted in the last year of her life, and the longer Becket remains in the home, the more haunted the place begins to seem...

For a basically low budget ghost story, this movie has all the star power and polish of a Hollywood blockbuster.  Tom Arnold co-stars as Sully, Becket's partner in his law firm, Zoe Saldana stars as a psychic that decides to investigate Becket's house, Edward Herrmann stars as Becket's psychologist and Robert Prosky (in his final performance) is the local Priest.  That's a pretty star-studded cast right there.  I wouldn't say they acted the shit out of this movie, but these are all professionals.  Every performance was acceptably done.  Some of the Netflix reviews cast a negative light on Tom Arnold as Becket's partner, but I personally think the man's a fine actor, and looks like he'd be fun to have a drink with.  I was pleased to see Edward Herrmann again, playing the psychologist, who is an absolutely excellent but highly underrated actor.  I think I was too distracted by how hot Zoe Saldana was to really rate her acting performance.  :-)  I'm only human.

This was a good story, I thought.  I didn't really know where it was going, and I had my theories here and there, all of which turned out to be completely wrong.  This movie was a bit of a surprise, but nothing needed to be explained at the end.  The ending pretty much wrapped every little thing up, and between the psychiatrist and the priest, we (and Becket) find out everything else we needed to know.  I enjoyed this movie.  I wouldn't watch it again, but I didn't have to, much as one watching the Sixth Sense, once you've seen it, you know how it ends (and thus you know the twist) and don't need to watch it again.  Of course, there's nothing stopping one from watching it again, just to see how hot Zoe Saldana looks in her few scenes.  Sadly, there's no nudity in this movie.  Special effects were absolutely minimal, but a lot of effects weren't necessary to tell the story.  Oh, also interesting to note, this movie is set around Halloween, so it's kind of a holiday movie as well.

This movie is only available on Netflix until the end of the week, so if you want to watch it, better catch it before then!

That's all for tonight.  A whole bunch of channels, including Turner Classic Movies, have joined the Halloween bandwagon, and are finally showing horror movies.  I have much to watch!  :-D

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