Thursday, October 2, 2014

#2 - Crawlspace (2012)

Time for the second review!  I am really rolling along, here.  And no, you guys aren't in the wrong spot.  I'm trying a new design for my blog page.  The dark grey background, orange titles, and rainy/snowy background seem to fit nicely with the month of October around here.  Hope you guys like it, all two or three of you.  I may switch it up a little bit, because I'm not sure if I like it much, yet.  It might be a bit hard on the eyes.

Tonight's review is for Crawlspace (2012).  There have been a few movies with this name, so to be sure you get the right one, this is an Australian Sci-Fi/horror mix.  At least, I think it's Australian.  It was set in Australia and I think the actors were vaguely Australian, so, close enough.  Crawlspace was actually a pretty decent movie, so I won't ruin anything at all, but I'll give you the first few minutes.  A woman wakes up in a ventilation shaft.  There's not enough room to stand, but she gets to her feet, anyway.  She's got a metal bracelet on her wrist that says EVE.  Alarms are going off.  There's a recently-stitched scar on the side of her head, and a shaved spot.  Apparently she's had some work done.  Cranial work.  Far overhead, armed troops arrive.

That's all I can give you without giving too much away.  The title is definitely appropriate, since I don't think any of the main characters ever leave the crawlspace that EVE wakes up in once the movie starts.  There's a few appropriately short flashbacks, but other than that, it's all action and horror right up til the end credits roll.  There's no nudity, but EVE is pretty enough, and she just gets hotter as the movie goes on.  It almost seems like low budget, but the special effects are just used sparingly, and to good effect.  The acting seems pretty decent.  This movie was quite enjoyable to watch, and felt completely new, as far as the plot is concerned.  Good body count, and I might even watch it again.  It's on Netflix if you want to catch it.

Watching Gracepoint, now.  Apparently it's a US remake of a English miniseries, or something.  So far it looks pretty crappy.  It's got the guy from Doctor Who in it.  I don't like any of the characters so far, and everything that's going on is just making me dislike the story.  I'll be lucky to finish watching the first episode.  It's possible I just dislike the guy from Doctor Who, and that's just biasing my feelings on the whole show.  The guy makes my skin crawl for some reason, no idea why.  Nothing else here makes me want to watch it.  So much for having something to watch on Thursday nights!

That's all for tonight.  Some of these reviews might be shorter than others, as you may have noticed.  Real life puts time constraints on everything.  Sometimes I think, "if only I didn't have to sleep," but honestly, I really like sleep.  I have pretty dreams.  :-)

Catch you guys tomorrow for Horror movie review-a-thon #3!

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