Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Horror movie review #23 - Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

You know I've been watching the Halloween movies since I was in my single digits and I didn't even realize I'd never actually seen Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.  Technically Halloween 6, it marked Doanld's Pleasance's last appearance in the Halloween movies, as it was released shortly after his death.  You can even see the movie dedicated to his memory in the closing credits.  I personally was amazed by how much he had appeared to age in the time between Halloween 5 and Halloween 6, made only 6 years apart.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers (1995) opens with a pregnant Jamie being wheeled on a hospital cart into the bowels of some building.  There her baby is taken from her womb by some satanic cult.  A nurse manages to get her baby back and help Jamie escape, but Michael Myers tracks her down and kills her.  She manages, however, to hide the baby, which sets up Tommy Doyle (the kid Jamie Lee Curtis was babysitting in the first Halloween movie), now grown to adulthood, to come fetch the baby, find Dr. Loomis and try and keep the baby alive in hopes of stopping whatever plans both the satanic cult and Michael Myers might have for the baby.

I do remember trying to watch this movie at one point, but I was put off by the early death of the new actress who plays Jamie Lloyd.  They replaced Danielle Harris, who did so wonderfully with the role back in Halloween 4 and 5, with a total unknown who I have never heard of.  After that, I just couldn't stomach watching the rest of the movie, so as a result, I had never seen it until tonight.

This movie wasn't horribly bad, but I can't say it was very good.  Set precisely six years after the last appearance of Michael Myers in 1989 (the events of Halloween 5), Haddonfield has apparently outlawed Halloween.  Except, all through this movie, there are trick or treaters roaming the streets, in costume, and all the houses seem to be decorated for it.  Odd.  Donald Pleasance is all through this movie, dragged out of retirement by his old boss when the body of Jamie Lloyd is discovered near Haddonfield and everyone realizes that Michael Myers is back in town.  The rest of the cast acted well enough, I suppose, although I can't really understand what happened at the end.  Not sure if Michael Myers is dead, beat up, quiescent for another number of years, or what the hell happened to Dr. Loomis?  Although we did hear his maniacal laughter at the end, so, maybe he won?  Who knows?  I can't say as I'd watch this one again, although there was a smidge of nudity.  If you'd like to watch it, there's always Netflix, or AMC!  Actually I think it's playing on AMC as I write this.

lol  Something just occurred to me.  If Jamie Lloyd was 9 in Halloween 5 (according to Dr. Loomis lines when he's talking to her in the clinic in that movie), and this movie is set 6 years later, then Jamie Lloyd would have been only 15 at the time she had her baby, probably 14 when she got pregnant.  That's a lovely message I am pretty sure this movie was not trying to send.  lol  The actress who played her looked much more adult than that, and was driving a truck like she knew how, so I don't think the whole movie was very well thought out.  lol  Maybe I'm the only one who caught that, I don't know, but that just seems sloppy planning in retrospect.  lol

That's all for tonight.  Watching American Horror Story.  This season is about Witches and Covens!  If there's one thing I like, it's a lot of hot confident chicks in a group.  Women are so much easier to seduce when they think they are in charge.  lol  Til tomorrow night, then!

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