Sunday, October 20, 2013

Horror Movie Review #20 - Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back (1990)

I've always liked the Child's play series of horror movies.  I guess they are getting a bit silly now, starting probably around the time they decided to add Jennifer Tilly to the cast as Chucky's lady friend.  It's just all gone downhill from there.  Not that I don't think Jennifer Tilly pulled it off well enough, it's just that the romance between dolls wasn't something I needed to see in a horror movie, I suppose.  Meh.

Child's Play 2 (1990) is well before all that, though.  Taking place shortly after the events of the first movie, the Chucky doll is returned to the company that made it.  I am pretty sure we all know by now that this is a mistake, from movie like I, Robot and so on.  I mean, it's like returning a Terminator cyborg to Cyberdyne Systems and saying "Can you check out this killer robot and make sure it's okay?  It's killed a few people."  Yea.  Skynet would pretty much just turn it back on and point it at you.  So Chucky immediately starts searching for Andy, the boy from the first movie, so he can swap souls with him.  Apparently, due to some constraints of the old 'Soul-Swap" voodoo spell, he has to swap souls with the first person he reveals himself to before a certain amount of time has passed or he stays in the body of the doll forever.  Sounds like a lot of stuff and nonsense to me, but I guess the idea of a killer who can swap souls with anyone, anywhere, at any time, was just too horrifying for Andy to overcome.  lol  Andy, meanwhile, has been taken into foster care because his unwise mother stubbornly insists that Chucky attacked her and tried to swap souls with her son.  Yea.  She'll be spending time in a padded cell for a while.  The authorities don't seem to like people who tell the truth.  At least in horror movies.  Which leaves Andy alone to deal with a very angry and very determined Chucky, heading his way fast and furious.  Wait, that's another movie entirely.  Hmmm.  Vin Diesel and Brad Dourif in Chucky vs Furious: Chucky is now a Lamborghini!  Shit yea, I'd watch that.

Err, right.  So, there you have it.  I actually thought this movie was pretty good.  I grant you the whole doll being the killer thing is kind of laughable, but that is exactly why Charles Lee Ray cast his soul into that body to begin with.  No one would suspect a child's toy of being a lethal killer.  And that's why Chucky is always able to get to his victims.  The old wolf in sheep's clothing ploy.  Or the Trojan Horse ploy.  There are countless variations on it but it makes a great setup for a horror movie.  Brad Dourif does the voiceover for the doll and the movie never once plays the doll off as being silly.  This child's toy swears like a wounded truck driver, kills like Norman Bates, and is tougher than Arnold Schwarzenegger.  if i saw this thing, I wouldn't pick it up and play with it.  I'd run.  While pissing my pants.  But I'm not particularly brave.

I've always wondered why they never actually brought Brad Dourif back as Charles Lee Ray in any of the sequels.  I mean, if he's got enough voodoo mojo to transfer souls from one body to another, why not somehow restore his own body to life?  The Chucky Doll could go find his gravesite, dig up the rotting corpse, cast a spell and BAM Brad Dourif is back big as life.  Then the heroes of the movie have to somehow cast Charles Lee Ray's soul back into the Chucky doll in order to ultimately defeat him, as he's now a nearly unstoppable reanimated zombie killer.  I think it would, if you'll forgive the expression, breathe new life into the series.  lol  But, as I understand it, they're already making a new Chucky movie starring Brad Dourif's daughter.  Meh.  I think my idea's better.  (shrugs)

Almost down to the wire, people!  Another week and a half of horror movie reviews and then it's Halloween time!  Candy!  Can't wait for the candy.  Candy candy candy.  Candy.  Candy!  :-D  Oddly enough, I used to know a girl named Candace Cain, nicknamed Candy.  Yea, Candy Cain.  I am sure she was very popular around xmas time.  lol

Til tomorrow night!

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