Sunday, October 14, 2012

#13 - Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness

MOVIE:  Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness (2004)

PLOT:  CIA Agent in bucharest following up a missing persons report on an american citizen is astounded to discover living gargoyles.

BAD POINTS:  Low budget.  Bit short on showing the gargoyles in action.  CGI effects weren't too horrid, but not great.  No nudity.  For a perfect location like romania they spend little time building atmosphere.  Interestingly enough, there have been several other gargoyle movies made over the years and I think this one is probably one of the worse ones.

GOOD POINTS:  Flows pretty nicely.  Decent amount of action, both human and gargoyle.  Little bit of history and a few views of an old monastery on a hilltop that looked pretty cool.  Frankly, I've always wanted to own a castle.  Decent acting by some older veteran actors.  This was also the first time I have seen this movie.

IMPRESSIONS:  Not bad.  Pretty much a B-movie.  Michael pare is the main lead in this.  Most younger viewers won't know him very well, he was pretty major in the 80's but dropped out of sight in the 1990's with some bad movies.  "Bad Moon" with mariel hemingway was probably one of his better films, and certainly one of the better werewolf movies I have seen.  If you don't know who mariel Hemingway is (granddaughter of ernest, maybe?), then look her up.  This movie won't compare well to Bad Moon but it's not bad for a viewing.  Maybe i can find that on netflix and give that a review!

SPOILERS:  Nothing really bugs me about this movie.  I don't recall any continuity errors.  Although whenever someone's phone rang it was a moment of confusion as everyone reached for their phones.  it got annoying after the first couple times.  Hasn't anyone heard of Vibrate?  There was a little history of some ancient gargoyle-slaying sect of monks that I found interesting fiction but it didn't last long and apparently was just an opportunity to show off the romanian castle location for a few minutes.  I'll take it, it was a cool aerial view.  lol

OTHER NEWS:  I got nothin!  Watched Thing (2011) again tonight before this.  Getting hard to find good movies I haven't seen before on Netflix, and when the day comes that i spend too long searching for a decent movie instead of watching a decent movie, I turn to the oldies but goodies.  lol  See you tomorrow night for more dexter, homeland and horror!

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