Thursday, October 12, 2017

#12 - Pet Sematary 2 (1992)

Continuing last night's Pet Sematary review, tonight we've got Pet Sematary 2!  :-D  I am sure there will be some more awesome movies on cable and TV this weekend, and if not, there's always netflix, so the mid-week, early october doldrums should be just about over.

Pet Sematay 2 (1992) is about a boy who loses his mom to a horrific prop accident while filming a hollywood horror movie, and then moves to the same town where Louis Creed brought his daughter's cat back to life in last night's movie.  This time around, the kid just has his veterinarian dad, and the dad has past issues with the bullying town sheriff, and he has to navigate all of this while there's a haunted Pet Sematary just at the outskirts of town.  I'm sure everything would have been just fine, but don't you know it, a pet dies, and that damn Pet Sematary raises another undead animal!  :-o

The success of the first pet sematary spawned this sequel just three years later, and while both movies seem like they were made for TV, this one has a tiny smidge of nudity in it.  This one is loaded with acting veterans this time, like Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) as the teenaged kid, Anthony Edwards as his dad, and Clancy brown as the Sheriff.  I don't think Clancy Brown has a good time being a Sheriff.  I've only seen him play two Sheriffs, and (minor spoiler) he dies both times.  I can recall being super excited that he was going to be the sheriff in the Sleepy Hollow series, but he died 9 minutes into the pilot episode.  NINE MINUTES IN!  I'm still a little miffed about that, quite honestly.  I was watching the series for him in the first place.  He plays a great villain, despite the fact that he probably wants to play the hero a few times, according to his page.  Well, he got to play a hero for 9 minutes.  I guess that's something?

This movie was not as good as the first Pet Sematary, despite the more experienced actors.  Everyone seemed to do a decent job, but it seemed like there wasn't much suspense or drama.  You pretty much knew what was going to happen, and it did.  No surprises, and even if there was, they weren't very dramatic.  This seemed to feel like a made-for-TV movie even more than the first one, which was a made-for-TV movie that didn't feel like one.  About the only continuity between these two films is the Pet Sematary, the indian burial ground behind it (that looks different now) and the mailbox that says "CREED" that some boys bicycle past.  Meh.  Oh well.  I also caught this one on Epix Drive-In, so if you want to watch it, start looking there, if you can. 

No other news tonight.  Tomorrow night is Friday the 13th, in October, no less!  :-D  What are the odds?  Actually i think we had one last year, too.  Oh.  Well, FINE THEN!  (pouts)  Yeah, I argue with myself a lot.  It makes for better reviews.  Catch you guys tomorrow!

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