Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#11 - Night of the Living Deb (2015)

Some nights you get a scary movie, other nights, it's a horror-comedy.  Tonight's movie happens to be the latter, but I guess it's a good contrast from last night's actually scary flick.  What?  Oh, no there actually wasn't a guy chopping my head of with a big axe last night, but I thought that was a great place to end my last post.  Not that anyone actually read it, but meh.  I like to be creative.

Night of the Living Deb (2015) is new on Netflix this month, and is a zombie love story, sort of.  Unlike my other favorite zombie love story, Return of the Living Dead 3, this love story does not actually involve zombies being in love.  It does, however, actually involve zombies.  We begin our tale with Deb, a drunken, annoyingly dorky redhead who has a crush on this guy at a bar.  Deb tries to pick him up in her nerdy, weird fashion, only to find out he has a girlfriend, who he promptly breaks up with.  Deb takes this as encouragement, and somehow (my guess is alcohol was the deciding factor), the two of them wake up in bed together the next morning.  By some strange coincidence, this also happens to be the morning of the Zombie Apocalypse.  Man.  Some guys will do anything to impress a girl, amirite?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:  Okay, not quite what I'd call a horror movie, but I'm reviewing it in case anyone else gets mildly confused and watches this for a scare.  It's not scary.  it's a comedy, although, it does have zombies, so, maybe it meets a convoluted definition of Halloween Horror for some people?  I don't know.  But hey.  Zombies.  No nudity, but Ray Wise as Deb's fling's dad.  Can't go wrong with Ray Wise!  The rest of the cast, I have no idea who they are, honestly.  But hey, it wasn't horrible.  Funny in sports, actual zombies, apocalyptic in tone, sure, why not.  Zombie movie.  Yay!  Night of the Living Deb is on Netflix if you want to watch it yourself.

In other news, I'm watching sounds of the season's music channel for horror music and it just told me it's been 7 years since Michael Jackson died (2009).  Has it been 7 years already?  My goodness.  The time doth fly, like a small watch in the pocket of a Victorian-era gentlemen being flung over a castle wall by a catapult.  I was just listening to Thriller on the radio the other day, and I recall watching the video on MTV back when it first came out, and I was thrilled (so, I guess the song lived up to its name?) upon hearing the voice of Vincent Price towards the end of it.  Funny how the old, good actors die off to make room for the new ones, most of whom can't really act, but just stand around on stage looking pretty.  I was actually thinking that very thought when I first saw the beginning bar scene in Night of the Living Deb, how all the old actors are nearly all dead now, and I'm waiting for some promising young actors to try and fill the voids.  I think we need another John Candy, and another Robin Williams, and well, the old Chevy Chase will do nicely.  Maybe the 80's will never come again, but I think the decade was more a side-effect of all the drugs we were taking, at the time.  So, Hollywood people, take some drugs, and make some really good, funny movies again, OK?  Kthxbai! *

* I'm not really encouraging people to take drugs, it just sounds that way because of all the drugs you are on.

That's all for tonight, people.  Maybe something better, or at least more scare-scare tomorrow night.  Til then, don't get run over by an ambulance.  It's terribly inconvenient for the people already inside.

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