Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#10 - The Dead Room (2015)

As I've often said, it's hard to find movies to watch and review for my review-a-thon.  I'm always torn between watching old favorites (which I know will be enjoyable to watch, at least) and picking a new one to see if it's any good.  Most of the time, the new movies are utter crap, but every so often, you find a good one.

The Dead Room (2015) is a pretty creepy horror flick.  How many movies have you seen where a family is scared out of a haunted house?  The movie usually ends with the family members barely surviving, and driving away, right?  Now, picture a New Zealand family living out in the country, and fleeing their home because the house is haunted.  All that happens before The Dead Room even starts.  The Dead Room focuses on a group of paranormal investigators heading out to the house to investigate the family's claims.  It sounds like the insurance company wants to verify the family's insurance claim, because the lead researcher (an older guy) talks to them on the phone a few times.  At first, everyone is skeptical (I was, too).  There's the old guy, Scott Cameron, the skeptical researcher type, with all his gizmos and gadgets.  Liam Andrews is his fellow researcher, the young sound and camera guy, who rigs the house with motion-sensing cameras and microphones.  Holly Matthews is the young psychic girl, who doesn't feel a thing at first.  You're beginning to wonder if anything is going to happen at all in the movie, when Holly gets a hint of something.  Then, there's nothing, and Holly figures she's just imaging things.  You know how it goes, old creepy house, out in the country, quiet and spooky.  The imagination gets a bit worked up, eh?  Right.  And then, it hits 3 am the first night, and everyone is asleep, and the front door opens up.  And the spirit arrives.  I guess you know what happens after that, right?  Right.  All hell breaks loose.

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly:  Fuck me.  Creepy ass goddamn movie.  Maybe I'm just a little creeped out because we put up our Halloween decorations today, and I've got a Jason Voorhees hockey mask and a plastic butcher knife hanging up as decorations, but do not watch this movie alone at night.  Like I just did.  Nothing ugly about this movie.  No nudity, and the movie is a bit short, but the plot works perfectly, everything makes sense (well, there's some scientific mumbo-jumbo about sound waves being used to disrupt ghosts that I didn't follow, but meh), and Holly the psychic girl is a helluva lot cuter than Tangina (from Poltergeist).  Also, maybe it's because I watched this on Netflix with my sound down a bit, but there was very little music, which only added to the creepy atmosphere.  So let's review, creepy movie, awesome sound effects, good plot, good acting by unknown new zealander actors, and a slow beginning steadily building into creepy goddamn horror.  Yea.  Okay, this is a straight up, decent horror flick.  You win, The Dead Room.  I probably won't sleep tonight.  And fuck you, because I am tired.  Bastards.  Maybe I'll start watching these things in the afternoon, so I can chillax by the time it's sleepy-time.  Christ on a bike.  I knew I should've skipped the caffeine tonight.  Dammit.

The Dead room is on Netflix if you want to watch it yourself.  I highly recommend it.

Oh, lovely.  And now I'm watching the Sounds of the Season music channel (I was hoping it'd calm my nerves, and just as I finish writing about Tangina, they start playing the creepy-ass poltergeist theme song.  THANKS A LOT!  Halloween moment, right here.  Creep me the fuck out even more, whydontcha?  Man.  If I smoked, and I had quit, this is where I'd go back to it, right now.  Guess I picked the wrong week to quit taking barbiturates.  This is the type of creepy ass shit they show in movies, where I'm not paying attention to what's going on behind me, and I turn around and there's some big freakin' dude with an axe who's just about to chop my head right off my

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