Sunday, October 4, 2015

Horror Review #4 - Curse of Chucky (2013)

I have seen all the Chucky movies, I admit it.  Back when I was just a young horror movie lover, stories about killer dolls were actually pretty common, what with Chucky and the Puppet Master series of movies.  You don't see too many stories about killer dolls now, unless we're talking about the Stepford Wives, but maybe a new Chucky movie is a sign of a resurgence in the genre!  Oh geez.  I said 'genre.'  Now I sound like an artsy, snobby, movie critic type fella.  Sorry.

Curse of Chucky (2013) starts out with a delivery.  A seemingly innocent mother and daughter get a package, and damned if it doesn't contain a 'Good Guy' doll.  Being a fan of the Chucky series, I already know this is a bad thing.  No 'Good Guy' doll is ever a good guy.  Trust me on this.  Needless to say, shortly after the doll arrives, the bodies start piling up.

Curse of Chucky is short on plot.  Usually the Chucky movies give some kind of explanation as to how the Chucky doll gets reborn, movie after movie, but I can't quite recall how the last chucky movie ended, so I'm not even sure if the doll got destroyed.  That having been said, there's sort of an explanation at the end as to how everything gets started, so you'll have to watch til the end to figure out the beginning.  It's sort of convoluted, but it's mostly all there.  Unfortunately, you'll have to have seen a few chucky movies to realize WTF is going on.  (shrug)  I could explain, but it would give away the end, and I don't want to do that, do I?  Curse of Chucky is on Netflix, if you want to check it out for yourselves, but I still have to say a few things about the movie.

Aside from the odd beginning, it pretty much works like every other Chucky movie.  The Chucky movies work because nobody realizes the doll is actually alive.  Chucky's typical schtick is to blame everything on someone else, so he has a patsy to blame while Chucky the Doll sits innocently nearby, not doing a damn thing.  All the blame conveniently falls on the nearby surviving humans, and Chucky is free to move on to the next group of victims.  The tricksy bastard.  In this particular case, the movie gets a little scarier because there's a woman in a wheelchair involved, which is just plain mean.  Chucky is an equal-opportunity killer doll, though, that much is true.  He picks on kids, women, men, cripples, anyone he can get alone.  I mean, he is a doll and all.  Taking on armed mobs of folks is a little out of his league.  He's no Jason Voorhees, that's for sure.

This movie was an okay horror flick, though.  It stands well enough on its own to scare you, even if you haven't seen the other chucky movies, though you may not be able to follow the end too well.  I mean, it's not terrifying or anything, but as far as a psycho-killer-horror-slasher-flick goes, this one isn't too bad.  Brad Dourif plays the voice of Chucky, as always, and flashback scenes of Charles Lee Ray (the killer Chucky used to be when he was alive).  Additional actors include Fiona Dourif (Brad's actual daughter) as the hot girl in the wheelchair, and Maitland McConnell (of Ninja Cheerleader fame) as the hot lesbian nanny.  No nude scenes, so I probably won't watch this one over and over again (hey, I don't get out much), but the movie works okay without it.  Yea, I know, nude scenes aren't technically required for most horror movies, but they make it so much better!  :-D

Okay, I am four for four!  Twenty seven horror movie reviews to go!  I CAN DO THIS!  Maybe.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...  Yes, I am the little engine that could.  What will I review tomorrow?  I have no idea!  Let's hope I can find something, otherwise, shit's going to get real hairy real quick, and not just because I am a member of the hair replacement club for men!  Well.  Mostly because of that reason.  Til next time.

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