Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Horror Review #13 - Tremors 5 (2015)

It's not too common for sequels to be anywhere near as good as the original movie, usually because the original cast members, writer, and budget are notably missing by the time a sequel comes around.  There are some exceptions, like the Friday the 13th series of movies, where the sequels were actually better than the original.

Tremors 5 (2015) begins with Burt Gummer (Michael Gross, from the original Tremors), working on his own survival reality show.  Burt is in the middle of switching camera men when he is contacted by a representative from the South African government.  Apparently, Graboids (the worms prevalent through all of the Tremors series) are starting to show up in South Africa.  Gummer is hired to capture one, though he repeatedly assures anyone who's willing to listen that capturing them isn't really an option.  As is usual for Burt, there's a few things that people have missed informing him about the new Graboids.  I would say, when he starts in on the hunt, that all hell breaks loose, but that's kind of redundant at this point, isn't it?  Yea.

I thought Tremors 5 was pretty good.  Sure, the acting talent was slightly less well known, but when the hell are Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward going to be around to do repeat appearances in the sequels?  Exactly.  So here we have Jamie Kennedy playing Gummer's new camera man, and Gummer pretty much leading a cast of total unknowns.  That doesn't mean they aren't good actors, however.  There was a big guy I was actually starting to like before...  Well, I won't give anything away, but the various cast members seem to be a little more hardy than they appear.

A fun watch, no nudity, but the female cast members were very easy on the eyes, and not just pretty faces, either.  Lots of action in this movie, explosions, and full of characters, to boot.  The part where Burt spends a few hours in a cage is freakin hilarious, but this isn't really a comedy.  Still funny in parts, I could probably watch this one more than once.  Tremors 5 is new on Netflix if you want to watch it.

Keeping this review short because I have yet another movie to review this evening, if I can find one to watch, that is...

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