Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Horror Review #12: Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005)

Yea, I know this review is a couple days late.  I have been extremely busy the last couple days, going on trips to see the fall color and taking my vehicle into the shop for some repairs.  God, you're such a nag!  Get off my back already!  Not, not you, the voices in my head.  Yea, yea, the review, I'm getting to that.  Sheesh.  Cut a guy some slack.

Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005) is a slightly better movie than the previous one.  The story picks up where Necropolis left off, with "Uncle Charlie" heading down a dark road with a barrel of Tryoxin 5 in the back of a pickup truck.  Uncle Charlie meets up with a couple russians (at least, they sound like russians), who want to buy the Tryoxin from him.  There's only one small detail... they want to test it first.  Uncle Charlie obliges them, and dies in the ensuing Zombie struggle.  Julian (the sole male survivor of Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis) is now attending college, and is notified of his Uncle Charlie's death. With him are, uh, the "survivors" of the last movie (all the same actors, now playing different characters, which is funny considering some of them died).  Julian investigates his Uncle's house after his death, and finds a hidden room in the attic containing two more barrels of Tryoxin 5.  Not having a clue what the barrel is (apparently, he wasn't in the know during the entirety of the last movie), he takes it to his chemist-buddy to try and figure it out.  His chemist buddy (a bit of a party animal) analyzes the gooey green slime issuing from the barrel, and notices the similarities to Ecstasy.  One of Julian's other friends (even more of a party animal) immediately tastes the green goo to determine its ability to induce a "high."  When he comes back from his Tryoxin-induced Zombie-high, he immediately names it "Z."  The chemist and his buddies immediately start churning out Z capsules by the hundreds, and selling them to everyone heading to the local Halloween party, called "Rave to the Grave."  Yea, you know what happens there, don't you?  Yea.  All hell breaks loose.

Rave to the Grave was actually better than Necropolis, which I didn't particularly expect.  There was nudity, and not so much lead-in to the action, and the plot was actually slightly better.  Uncle Charlie, the dickhead from Necropolis (and by dickhead, I mean the character who was played to villainous excellence by Peter Coyote), dies within the first ten minutes, leaving Julian and his cronies to survive a Zombie outbreak of their own making.  Since Z starts going out even before the Halloween Rave, there's zombies all over the college campus.  Sadly, there's no collegiate women's shower scene, which is always a bonus in every horror movie, and would have made this movie even better, but, oh well.

Aside from the whole same cast, different movie deal, the movie was pretty watchable.  Special effects and acting are consistent with the rest of the series, and they at least kept to the Zombie-headshot rule this time, in that most of the zombies died by head shots.  This one might not be worth watching over and over again, but it was at least fun to watch once.  Also, since the rave actually occurs around Halloween, this movie qualifies as a Halloween movie!  :-D  Always good to watch a horror movie that's actually based around Halloween, like, oh, the Halloween series.  And Trick R' Treat.  And...  uh...  Yea.  I think that's it.  Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave is available on

Keeping this review short since I have two more reviews to write today if I want to catch up.  Be posting again shortly.

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