Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review - Expendables 2 (2012)

NetFlix has the Expendables 2!  :-D

So the first thing I hate about this movie is Lame Hemlock.  Or, uh, Liam Helmsworth or whatever his name is.  But it's fine, because he dies shortly into the film.  And i'm not even giving anything away.  You can read in the synopsis of the flick that one of their own dies and it's patently obvious the minute you see Liam in the film that he's a walking dead man.  He's got a lovely fiancee, he's about to quit the team, and mercenary work isn't cut out for him.  Reminds me of the "Dead Meat" guy from the movie Hot Shots.  You knew from the get-go the guy was deat meat because...  well....  that was his callsign.  lol

So, short summary.  The team from the Expendables is back, Stallone, Statham, Li, even Lundgren is back this time around.  Which is amazing because I thought he got shot in the heart in the first film and here here is tooling around with Jet Li.  In any case, Jet li is not in the film very much.  Also, Mickey Rourke didn't make an appearance.  However, Schwarzenegger and Norris both pop up in the flick a bit more often.  Also, Bruce Willis.  I can't really argue with a movie that is full of bullets, knife fights, explosions, brawls, eighties action heroes and stupid one-liners.  So yea, I liked it for the most part.

The distinct lack of Liam Hemsworth for the rest of the movie, after he dies a horrible, well-deserved death, makes the movie rather enjoyable.  The one liners DID get a bit stupid, and it almost seemed like the actors were in a studio delivering the silly one-liners completely apart from the action, at least, that's how it sounded, but other than that the movie wasn't too bad.  I don't think Expendables 2 was as much overall fun as the original?  It almost seemed like they were just going through the motions.  Which I guess they were, at their age, it's hard to do stunts without a walker.  lol  Stallone may in great shape for 60 but the march of time has made him look tired and worn out.  Honestly I think he looked better in Rambo, and yes, he was a bit younger then (and a bit chunkier), but at least the extra weight made him look healthy.  He might want to consider taking a vacation, relaxing a bit, and eating.  lol

Jet Li, Jason Statham and Randy... Couture?  I'm not as familiar with his film work but he also makes an appearance.  They are all fairly current action stars, and amazingly, Dolph Lundgren still looks good, and I don't even know how old he is.  Chuck Norris is about a hundred, I think.  He hardly moves in this movie.  Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up was pretty cool and they certainly moved more than Chuck.

Ah well, I missed a few true bloods and it's time to catch up.  :-)  Hope everyone is having a nice summer!  Also, Newsroom 2.0 premieres later!  Fun stuff.  Til next time!

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