Thursday, October 25, 2012

#24 - Death Machine

MOVIE:  Death Machine (1994).  On NetFlix.

PLOT:  The new CEO of Chaank industries (a weapons manufacturer), Hayden Cale, finds out that her new company is  secretly refitting the bodies of soldiers listed as MIA with Weapons hardware and testing them as the ultimate killing machine, man sized armored warriors with no fear and no disobedience.  About to shut the project down, Hayden crosses paths with the genius behind the company's success, and the inventor of it's next project...  a fully mechanical killing machine that tracks you by the scent of your fear.

OVERALL ENJOYMENT:  A bit goofy in spots, but tension is high throughout, first psychological, then full of action.  Good watch.

GOOD POINTS:  Hayden Cale (Ely Pouget) is reasonably hot.  Jack Dante (played by Brad Dourif) is over the top psychotic.  Love the name of the company.  Chaank.  It even sounds like a weapon manufacturer.  lol

BAD POINTS:  No nudity.  Sigh.  I need to watch more porn-horror.  Horror-porn?  Whore-or?  Hmmm.  New genre?  Or just your basic slasher flick from the 80's?  Hmmm.

SPOILERS:  Could have done without the armored suit guys with the missing memories.  I'm pretty sure they used them in Universal Soldier for about 3 movies.  Didn't need to parade them around again in this one.  lol  Loved the Death Machine.  Going to invent one myself right now.

IMPRESSIONS:  Fun movie.  Good acting, especially by Brad Dourif who is completely psychotic in just about any role he's ever played.  The only time I saw him play a good guy was as the Sheriff in Halloween (the latest remake).  And he was psychotic then, too, but then at least it made sense to give the crazy guy a badge and a gun.  lol  Good supporting cast in this movie.  I loved the bald guy with the facepaint!  lol  Best character in the movie, I think.  I did actually see this movie before, several times, in fact, but always a good watch.

OTHER NEWS:  I'd have scoured netflix again for a new movie to watch, but I been running the car around all day.  Get this.  Car goes to the mechanic with an intermittent window issue.  Won't go up or down half the time.  Also, the blinkers cut out now and then, doesn't happen often.  I figure, electrical issue, but I know shit-all about cars, so I let the man do his job.  He says the motors that make the windows go up and down is shot, replaces it in both doors.  Nearly $300.  We get the car back.  Still having the same problem... AND...  driver side door will not lock.  I can manually shove the button down to the lock position, and it pops right back up.  Awesome, innit?  lol  It's worse than when it went in!  Bloody 'ell, as they say across the pond.  Bloody 'ell.

Also, still not feeling great.  What started with a headache last night turned into aches and shivers.  Sounds like another flu, no?  Welcome, viral overlords.  Possess my body if you like, but at least clean up when you are done or I WILL send you the cleaning bill.  Oh yes.  I'll hit you where it hurts, baby!  Hmmm. Viral Overlords...  good novel title!  :-D

See you guys (and/or gals) tomorrow night for more horror!  Just noticed I passed 200 posts this month.  In 4 years that's ... (does some math...  uses his fingers and toes) approximately one post a week on average!  You know, when I say it like that it's not really that impressive.  Never mind.

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