Thursday, October 26, 2017

#26 - Housebound (2014)

I think, of all the horror movies, there's more haunted house horror movies than just about anything else.  Amityville Horror is just one example but I am sure there are countless others.  It's probably just a side effect of everyone being worried about the normal creaks and groans of their house settling at night.  I know when I'm laying awake in bed at night, and my house creaks and groans, settles and moans, wheezes and creaks and pops and settles and MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED GET ME OUT OF HERE (gasp, pant) it's okay.  I'm okay.  I panicked a little.  I'm all right.

Housebound (2014) starts with an attempted burglary.  Kylie's boyfriend attempts to rob an ATM machine, and succeeds in knocking himself unconscious.  Being slightly more capable than her unconscious boyfriend, Kylie manages to rob the ATM, but has some car trouble attempting to escape.  As punishment, Kylie is sentenced to home imprisonment, subject to an ankle monitor that broadcasts her location at all times.  Unfortunately, Kylie doesn't have a home, so she's sent back to her mother's home.  Kylie doesn't get along with her mom, and doesn't want to be home.  Kylie's mom isn't too happy with the situation either, especially since Kylie doesn't believe her mom when she tells her daughter that strange things have been happening around the house...

One of the interesting things I noted about this movie is that, when Kylie tells her haunted-house story to her probation officer, his reaction is not the standard reaction you'd expect.  I don't want to give away what happens, but there are definitely a lot of unintended laughs in this movie.  This is a New Zealand-made movie, so I really don't know any of the actors.  I guess that kind of helped, as it made each actor seem like he or she was perfect for the role.  This movie is a little different than your average horror movie, and there's even some comedic moments here and there, but it's not a bad watch.  Maybe a bit of a slow starter, and the ending wasn't what I expected, but not disappointing.  I caught this on netflix, and it's there if you guys want to check it out.  I don't know if I'd watch it again, but it wasn't bad the first time.

That's all for tonight.  Been one of those days, you know?  I'm off to chillax until bedtime, listening to my house creak and pop and groan and ZOMG MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED!  :-o  No, no, it's ok, I panicked.  I'm all right.  I'm ok.  I'll be fine.  After 20 or 30 years of therapy.  Maybe.

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