Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#10 - Truth or Dare (2017)

I can't say as I ever really liked playing Truth or Dare, not even when I was a kid, and certainly not as an adult.  I don't think anyone ever tells the truth, and the dares just get real stupid real fast, and then the game is over.  Not really sure why anyone would bother.  Wouldn't spin the bottle just be easier?  Meh, what do I know?  I haven't been a teen since 1990.

Truth or Dare (2017) was Syfy's movie on sunday night.  Apparently they are playing new movies on the weekends this month,  Lucky ...  us?  This one is about a bunch of teens who rent a scary house with a haunted past to play a game of truth or dare.  Things begin to go downhill almost immediately, as these sort of things do.  On the plus side, all hell did not break loose, so...  I guess that's good?

Cassie Scerbo of Sharknado fame was the only actress I recognized in this movie.  This movie involved your typical group of teens tossed into a meat-grinder of turture-porn, which is a kind of movie I completely and unabashaedly loathe.  Typical level of acting for one of Syfy's movies, and nothing out of the ordinary here.  I wouldn't watch it again, but if you feel like checking it out, sniff around Syfy for your torture-porn fix.

One thing that bothered me about this movie, is that there was absolutely no explanation for the "force" or whatever was making these people act out their truths or dares.  None whatsoever.  No ghosts, no hauntings, no spirits of the undead, nothing.  Just a bunch of teens in the house and WHAM torture porn!  Not even any warning.  Normally, I don't think an explanation for the otherworldly events is entirely necessary, but it seemed important for this movie, for some reason.  Mostly because, there wasn't any reason whatever for any of this to happen, except, Syfy wanted to show some people torturing themselves.  Why?  No reason!

Also, the people arrive at this supposedly "scary" rent-a-place, and the doors are covered in cobwebs.  They walk in, and the polished wooden floors are so shiny you'd think the cleaning crew had just walked off-screen.  I don't get it.  Why cobweb up the door but leave the rest of the house looking like they had just sold it to rich folks?  I got nothin.

In other news, I'm keeping up with "The Gifted" on Mondays.  Nothing particularly plot-worthy happened in last night's episode, but nothing so horrible happened that I'm going to stop watching it, either.  I'll let you guys know when shit gets interesting.  Lucifer was getting kind of stupid, because apparently this season, he's an angel again.  I guess now he's back to being his old devilish self, so maybe I'll keep watching it.  I also caught "Valor," just one of the new shows about special military operations groups.  Much like the other navy seals show with David Boreanaz, it's boring as shit.  Too much talky-talky, not enough shooty-shooty.  I got bored and shut it off 13 minutes in.  The one with David boreanaz didn't even get that far.

That's all for tonight.  Catch you guys tomorrow with another horror movie review!  Definitely not something from Syfy again.  Ugh.  You'd think I'd have learned my lesson that those movies suck by now, but no!  I guess I'm a slow learner.  :-/

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