Saturday, October 8, 2016

#7 - Pandemic (2016)

Late one tonight, so I'll get right to the review.

Pandemic (2016) occurs after a virus has infected most of the human population, and there are various levels of infected running around in the ruins of the cities.  Level 1 is the lowest level of infection, and they have a cure for that, but infections go all the way to level 5, which makes the infected a raving homicidal maniac.  Dr. Lauren Chase, formerly of the CDC, is a new doctor in the safe zone.  The doctors in the safe zone are trying to find a cure, but to do that, they need low-level infected persons to test the cure on, and they're also trying to rescue every uninfected person they can find along the way.  Dr. Chase goes out on a mission to rescue some uninfected, but she has an ulterior motive.  Her daughter might still be alive out there.

Okay, the good and bad.  Helmet cams and recorded video comprise the entirety of this movie, making it like a found-footage flick, or maybe a combo of found footage and a first-person shooter.  So, a lot like the movie Doom.  It was annoying, but at least everyone was looking the action right in the face when it happened, so you're not staring into the dark, listening to sounds happening off screen.  No nudity, a few veteran actors, including Paul Guilfoyle and Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones), and a lot of hiding and shooting and stabbing.  Mostly action, and not a lot of plot, but the bare-bones of "Dr. Chase's" goal to rescue her daughter is pretty clear.

Can't say as I 'd watch it again, but I guess it was an all right view the first time.  I watched this on Netflix, but if you don't get the chance to catch it, you're not missing a whole helluva lot.  Nothing really new or exciting in this flick.

In other news, it's late and I am sleepy!  Tomorrow's saturday.  Should have more horror and monster movies to watch then, and they'll get more numerous and horrifying the closer we get to Halloween!  I am urinating down my leg with anticipation!  Oh, no, sorry, that's not urine.  Spilt me beer.  :-)  Til tomorrow, then.

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