Thursday, October 22, 2015

Horror Reviews #19 - #20, Superstition (1982), Night of the Demons (1988)

Throwback Thursday double feature tonight!  Aren't you just the luckiest sons-of-bitches that ever walked the earth?  Yes, you are!

Superstition (1982) is a movie that doesn't start out slow.  A couple is out necking at a notorious make-out spot, an old abandoned property owned by the local church, when a couple pranksters scare the bejeesus out of them.  They tear out of there, and the pranksters have a good laugh.  The pranksters are about to leave the property when they meet an untimely death.  Suspicion falls on the mentally disadvantaged caretaker of the property, but his mother tells police that the boy is just "serving his Mistress."  Who is this mysterious Mistress, and where is the boy?  The police and the local clergy must find the answers to these questions, even as a new family moves onto the property...

Superstition is an older movie.  There's not a lot of special effects nor any nudity, but what special effects are used are done fairly well.  The new clergyman and his family have a pair of fairly attractive daughters, who do don some swimsuits to take a dip in the local pond.  I find it funny that for the entire length of the movie, one of the daughters never changes her outfit, while the other daughter changed her outfit several times, one even from one terror-filled scene to the next.

Strangely, the only actor I recognized was the young son, who turned out to be one of the actors in Just One of the Guys, another 80's movie that actually wasn't a horror movie.  The acting wasn't bad, but not terribly effective.  The story isn't particular new, but it's a decent premise.  A witch (Witch is also an alternate title of this movie) who was drowned around the time of the Salem witch trials has returned from the dead and is wreaking havoc on anyone near the pond.  I caught this movie on one of the Cinemax channels if you want to check it out.  I can't say it was worth more than one viewing, but it was semi-enjoyable the first time around.

Tonight's second feature is Night of the Demons (1988), a fun-filled frolic in a possessed old house called Hull House.  Hull House used to be a funeral parlor, and a girl named Angela and her sister Suzanne are throwing an impromptu party there on Halloween night.  The trouble is, Hull House isn't just haunted, it's possessed.  As Angela explains it, the difference between the two is simple.  Haunted houses are inhabited by the spirits of the dead, whereas possessed houses are inhabited by the spirits of those who have never been alive...  Or, in other words, Demons.

Night of the Demons may be old and low-budget, but it is eminently entertaining.  There's nudity, and demonic makeup and decent special effects, and all of it contribute to a pretty wild atmosphere of insane horror.  There's a few scenes to establish just what each character is like before things get hairy, and then all hell pretty much breaks loose.  Which, is what you'd expect from a movie called Night of the Demons, right?  Right.

Linnea Quigley, the only recognizable actress, has an awesome scene where she's applying her make-up in a unique fashion.  Horror movie fans may recall Linnea from her turn as Trash in Return of the Living Dead, a cult classic that I try to catch at least once every October.  The rest of the cast do their acting jobs adequately enough, and the body count gets pretty high, with each cast member meeting his or her ultimate fate in a unique way.  Lots of scares, and this is probably the half-dozenth time I've seen it, so re-watchability is high.  This movie is playing on Encore Suspense this month if you want to catch it.

That's it for tonight!  Still a couple reviews behind, but if I can keep these double feature things up and I'll catch up in no time!  Hope everyone is enjoying Halloween Horror month as much as I am!  :-D

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