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Horror Review #30 - 31: Prophecy 5, Let Us Prey (2014)

I meant to finish this post last night, but I ran out of time in the middle of a horror movie.  It's Halloween!  Autumn, horror movies, and candy!  Does it get any better than that?  I think not.

Prophecy: Forsaken (2005) was made around the same time as Prophecy: Uprising.  Picking up where Uprising left off, Forsaken continues the story of Allison, Keeper of the One True Bible, the one where God is still dictating the last chapters of Revelations.  Needless to say, the rogue angels are still after the book, trying to get ahold of it so they can gain an advantage in the war.  The rogue Angels have an assassin working for them this time, and Allison no longer has her brother to back her up.  What she does have, is the One True Bible, which is about to reveal the name of the AntiChrist...

Prophecy:  Forsaken adds Tony Todd as Stark, the Seraphim after the Bible that Allison guards, Jason Scott Lee as Dylan, the assassin after Allison, and has Kari Wuhrer and John Light returning as Allison and Riegart (aka Satan).  The acting is decent, and with such veteran actors, why shouldn't it be?  This movie wraps up the short side-plot of the book that has gone on for two movies, which was a departure from the first three movies, that were mostly about Gabriel (played by Christopher Walken, who hasn't showed up since the third movie).

This movie was pretty much focused on the rather rapid demise of Jason Scott Lee's character, who goes from living assassin to decomposing zombie in a matter of about an hour.  Still, there was a fair bit of moral ambiguity, especially since, well, we're starting the movie on the premise of angels being the bad guys, so we can only go downhill from there.  Lucifer doesn't even do much in this movie, and what he does do only seems to help Allison, and what Allison does only seems to help Lucifer, which is odd, but that's how it goes.

Not too much action, and I wasn't too fond of the end.  I thought it could have been better, but it's the last of the Prophecy movies, at any rate.  This movie is available on Netflix if you want to see it.  I'd say watch it at least once to see how the 5-movie arc ends, then forget about it.  I personally would have loved another Kari Wuhrer nude scene, but alas, the best I got was some shadow nipplage seen through one of her sweaters.

Our final horror movie review for the month is Let Us Prey (2014) also on Netflix.  I wasn't sure what movie to end the month on, and I was considering watching Idle Hands (with Devon Sawa and Jessica Alba), which is good, but more of a comedy than a horror flick.  Option B was Stephen King's A Good Marriage, but I wasn't sure whether that would turn out to be horror, or just a thriller.  So, I went with Option C, take the Claw to the face, roll around on the ground, and die.  Wait.  No, that's Kung Pow.  Option C was a total risk, a low-budget movie that had no discernible plot, and it turned out to be not half bad.

Let Us Prey (2014) picks up the story of Rachel Heggie, a new police officer assigned to a remote scottish law enforcement post.  Rachel starts her day by arresting the driver of a car that just ran into an old man, but the old man seems to have vanished.  When Rachel arrives at her new job with her perp in tow, she's heckled by her new squad-mates, which is probably normal.  But things aren't all that they seem in Rachel's new post, and as the jail cells begin to fill up, Rachel can't help but wonder about the old man who was hit by the car...

I thought this movie was pretty decent.  Fair amount of action, unusual plot, well-acted and well-executed.  The only recognizable actor was Liam Cunningham (yes, Davos the Onion Knight himself), but the rest of the cast wasn't bad, either.  I can't really think of any plot holes that bothered me, making this one of the more solid writing jobs for horror movies out there, and while the idea may not be wholly original (I seem to remember seeing something like this before, but I can't quite recall where), it's certainly different from the norm.

I would say watch Let Us Prey at least once for the originality of it, as it's not your usual horror story, but I don't know if it's up to repeat viewing yet.  Pretty much once you've seen it, you kind of know where it's going to go.  Let Us Prey is on netflix, if I didn't mention that.

And that's all for my annual Halloween Horror Movie Review-a-Thon!  Yet again, I have managed to watch and review 31 horror movies in 31 days!  True Horror movie lovers are out there going "That's an accomplishment?  I watch 31 horror movies a day!"  And, you're probably right.

Bonus review, Ash vs Evil dead on Starz! wasn't bad.  They gave a sneak-preview last night after Showing Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness, and then Bruce Campbell told me that watching all that for the last 7 hours was impressive!  Yea, what can I say.  Sitting around on my butt is something I am good at.

Hope everyone has a good All Hallow's Eve, Festival of Samhain, or however else you celebrate this time of year!  Enjoy your candy!  :-D

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