Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Horrorthon Review #20 - Odd Thomas (2013)

Bingo!  Finally found a good, new movie.  I didn't know what to review tonight, and I was short on time, so I picked something I just added to my list today.

Odd Thomas (2013) is about a guy who sees dead people.  Unlike most psychics, however, he does something about it.  Having learned to handle himself, Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) goes after the slayers of the dead, once they point their killers out for him.  Odd has a detective friend (Willem Dafoe) who understands Odd's link with the dead, and knows Odd has never been wrong about a suspect.  Unfortunately for Odd, his link with the world of the dead is telling him there's some bad shit going down, and Odd finds out he has but one day to figure out what kind of bad shit, and how to stop it.

I remember Anton Yelchin from the Fright Night remake a few years back.  That remake actually wasn't bad (although I still prefer the original with Roddy McDowell), and he wasn't bad in it.  He's actually pretty decent in this one as the title character, Odd Thomas.  This movie starts out very well, and just proceeds from starting out very well, to a continuous stream of action and adventure right to the very end.  Not sure if it entirely qualifies as horror, but, there's a psychic, the dead, a satanic cult, and Bodaks, which I guess qualify as Demons (supposedly they come out of hell) or something similar, sooooo, I guess that's pretty close to a horror movie?  I mean, I don't know where else you'd categorize something that has all those elements in it.  Horror movie, then.

The only drawbacks to this movie, and I'm going to devote an entire paragraph to her, is I didn't get to see enough of Addison Timlin.  She plays Stormy, Odd Thomas' girlfriend, and she's so ridiculously hot that if I were Odd Thomas, I certainly wouldn't have been able to focus on stopping the bad thing from going down.  There's a scene about 52 minutes in or thereabouts (but please do not fast-forward, because the rest of the movie is almost as ridiculously good as her briefs scene), where she's hanging out in a pair of rather tight sheer panties and a shirt, and the panties just look like they are painted on.  Maybe they were painted on.  I've never wanted to be a pair of panties so much in my life.  And believe me when I say, what's under the panties looked quite awesome.  I rewound, mid-movie, and took another peek.  Awesome.  Thanks, Addison.  Please, at some point in your career, if you haven't done one already, a nude scene would earn my eternal gratitude.  Note, there is no nudity in this movie, as far as I recall.  Sad to say.  Addison also looks smoking hot in every other damn outfit she has on in the entire movie.  She's probably a lesbian, not that there's anything wrong with that, and I think Mr. Tiny just snapped to attention.  Nobody that looks that good could possibly be straight.  Sweet, she did six episodes of Californication.  She was probably nude in there, if I had to guess.  Looks like I am going back to check out those episodes.  heh

Moving on.  Anyway, awesome movie, action, excitement, explosions, sort-of-demons, gunfights, dead people, murder mystery, multiple dead bodies, ghosts, no boobs.  I saw this on netflix, and urge anyone with access to the movie to enjoy it as often as possible.  Willem Dafoe, of course, always adds a bunch of class to a movie, which I thought probably could go without saying, but I thought I'd say it anyway.  Everyone else in the movie seemed to act just fine.  I would love to see a sequel, a prequel, a series, or even a remake.  Would definitely watch this one again.  It just flowed so well from beginning to end, everything else just seemed to disappear, and I got sucked into the story.  Sort of predictable ending, but that's not too much of a detraction when the story just moves along so well.

As I understand it, Dean Koontz wrote the book that this movie was based off of.  I used to read Dean Koontz back in the 80's (or maybe it was the 90's) and I didn't think he was that good.  Maybe this is one of those instances where the movie was actually better than the book, or maybe Dean Koontz has been getting better since I last checked out his work.  (shrugs)  Maybe I'll pick up some Dean Koontz for xmas and see if he's improved any.

That's all for tonight.  I had out of town company arrive unexpectedly today, so I'm late again with my review.  It happens, especially this time of year.  Families get together, and so on.  :-)  Catch you guys tomorrow night with another review.

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