Saturday, October 26, 2013

Horror Movie Review #26 - Zombie Night (2013)

I like to find as many new horror movies as I can, in the hopes of finding another horror movie favorite to watch.  Anyone who watches horror regularly knows they aren't all perfectly done masterpieces of cinema, so it takes a LOT of viewing before you find a good horror movie.  OR, a good guide.  Which is where I come in.

The SyFy Channel isn't exactly known for their movie excellence.  But the ones they make are generally enjoyable.  Zombie Night (2013) is about a pair of families living next door to each other who have to cooperate to survive a zombie attack.  We have some major stars in this one, Anthony Michael Hall of Weird Science and the Dead Zone, Darryl Hannah of Splash and Kill Bill, and Alan Ruck of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Twister.  There's even Shirley Jones!  Of... The Partridge Family.  lol

Zombie Night starts pretty innocuously.  A family is caught in a traffic jam.  Although this traffic jam is apparently caused by people trying to evacuate the city, in advance of the zombie horde.  As the cars are overrun, a father (a barely recognizable Anthony Michael Hall) and daughter manage to escape (through a graveyard no less), and make it home to the wife and mother (played by Darryl Hannah).  The neighbors have a safe house, more of a panic room, I guess, stocked with provisions.  Unfortunately, the father (played by Alan Ruck, who I just saw in Ferris Bueller's Day off a few hours ago, man he's aged) is too scared to open the door long enough to let anyone inside.  Apparently, the zombies are quiescent during the day, so the families only have to make it through the night to survive.  The trouble is, making it through the night...

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.  Big name actors, perhaps a little past their prime, but still popular.  Good acting.  Special effects were about average for a zombie flick, and the story was pretty much non-stop action, with an almost continual chase from scene to scene, beginning to end.  Reminded me of my days playing Left 4 Dead, only without the Tanks and the Boomers.  lol  I am sure I'd watch this one again.  But, being a fan of monster and horror movies, I'd probably watch a lot of SyFy's movies over.  And do.  lol

That's it for tonight, people!    In a bit of a rush, more horror to watch!  lol  Until tomorrow, then.

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  1. How about not using "lol" when writing a review of any kind?