Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horror movie #31 - Phantoms

MOVIE: Phantoms (1998)

PLOT:  A couple sisters arrive in Snowfield to rest and relax and get some skiing in.  Unfortunately, nobody seems to be left in Snowfield.  Or rather, nobody whole.  There may be a few pieces of them left behind...

OVERALL ENJOYMENT:  Always a good one.

GOOD POINTS:  Great acting and hollywood style special effects.  Definitely not a small budget.

BAD POINTS:  No nudity!  Bit short.  Could have dragged it out a bit more.  Ending was a bit rushed.

SPOILERS:  They never made a sequel to this one.  Don't know why.  Hmmm.  Perfect setup for it at the end there.

IMPRESSIONS:  great cast, Peter O Toole, who is surprisingly still alive and acting at the age of 157 years old (he's got to be at least that old), Rose Mcgowan, Ben Affleck, and Leiv Shreiber.  Honestly, though, I never liked Ben Affleck.  He looks like such a douche.  Moving on.  Like i said yesterday, some of the best horror movies are the kind where you don't know what's going on.  In this case, first the people of Snowfield are missing.  Then there's a body found, and you're thinking heart attack?  Disease?  And then pieces of bodies are found, and you're thinking psycho Killer?  Demon Bikers?  Space aliens?  What?  WHAT?!?  WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?  FUCKIN TELL ME ALREADY!!!!!  And then finally you get to sort of find out what it is.

I have seen this movie before.  I may have even reviewed this movie before, but I am pressed for time tonight.  I was going to review Terrorvision, something i hadn't seen before, but frankly, it was so lame I shut it off.  It was bad even for a b-movie.  lol  I scanned through a few titles hoping to find something decent but Phantoms will have to do for tonight.

That's it for the month!  The horror movie review-a-thon is now over for this year.  So many movies, so little time.  Maybe someday I'll have the time to review several movies a day and do triple features on saturdays, but until that day comes, stay tuned!  I'll still be reviewing movies here on my blog, just not as often until next october.  lol  I'm sure there were other good movies I could have reviewed, but finding them amid the mass of crappy horror out there is really hard to do.  Maybe I'll have better luck next year!  :-)

OTHER NEWS:  I missed the Munsters last week!  :-o  I'm shocked.  I really don't know how i missed it.  Oh well.  Busy week, and I have company coming.  Candy, here I come!  Happy Halloween everyone!  :-D  Enjoy the end of the political season next week!  lol

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