Thursday, October 18, 2012

Horror Movie #17 - Devil

I have searched just about every post in my 4 years of blogging and haven't found a single review of "Devil."  So here it is!

MOVIE:  Devil (2010)

OVERALL ENJOYMENT:  Loved it.  Seen the movie a dozen times already, and will keep watching it every time.

PLOT:  A group of people get trapped in an elevator due to some electrical problems.  Mysteriously, the lights flicker out and suddenly, one of them is dead.  Is it just a murderer, or is something more sinister going on?

GOOD POINTS:  Much like last night's movie, "The Devil's Rock," this movie mostly takes place in the confined space of an elevator.  However, so that the viewer truly understands the depth of what is going on, the entire building and involvements of all the characters is gone into detail.  Acting is excellent, hollywood quality movie and production.  Special effects were certainly decent.  Mostly unknowns but a few veteran actors to round out the cast.

BAD POINTS:  No nudity, is all i can think of.  For being written by M Night shyamalan or however you spell his name, it's not bad.  He's certainly redeemed himself for "The Village." and maybe even for "Sixth sense."  Also, due to the narration by one of the cast members, you pretty much know what's going on shortly into the start of the movie.  I'm not sure if this enhances the suspense or diminishes it.  Decide for yourself.  Also, there's a very similar movie about a devil-possessed elevator, but I can't recall the name of it right now.  Probably...  Elevator.  lol  In any case, maybe not entirely original, but if i recall correctly, in that movie, the elevator did all the killing.

SPOILERS:  I followed my rule of "the least likely person probably did it." and I wasn't wrong.  lol  See, being a writer, I know how writers think.  in some movies, you are given a set of characters and part of the fun of the movie is figuring out wtf is going on, and who the bad guy actually is.  My theory is, the writer tries to fool you by making the villain the least likely person to have committed the crimes.  After viewing countless movies, detective series and whodunnits, I'm usually more right than I am wrong.  But hey, if that spoils the fun for you, don't do it.  :-)  I love how the plot twists and turns so even the detective trying to investigate the case is completely confused by what's going on.  lol

IMPRESSIONS:  Good movie.  Very rewatchable.  In the case of this movie, it doesn't matter if you know what happens or not, what's going on or not, or who's going to live or die.  Just watching the acting, the range of emotions the characters are going through, is gut-wrenching!  I remember being asked once what I thought of "An American Werewolf in Paris," a rather crappy sequel to "An American Werewolf in London."  I didn't answer right away, gathering my thoughts and trying to find the least offensive way to describe how disappointed I was in the sequel (which, actually wasn't that horrible), and then I said "Sorry, I'm still in shock from the emotional wringer the movie put me through."  Which was greeted with much laughter.  In the case of "Devil," I'd not be exaggerating.

OTHER NEWS:  Interestingly enough, Turner Classic Movies is having another horror movie marathon.  Apparently, only every wednesday night, which blows.  I really love the horror classics.  Anyway, I was going to review "The Mummy" (1959) by hammer studios tonight.  But, while taking a quick look through my posts, I come to realize, I've already reviewed it twice!  lol  Apparently, it is that good.  Also, the tale isn't as well known as Frankenstein or Dracula, so that's probably why i chose to review it several times already.  lol

Unfortunately, I also noticed a bunch of other movies that I had already reviewed that i was going to review this month.  lol  Oh well.  I'll try and keep reviewing stuff i haven't seen before, or that's very recent, and that way, I can make sure I haven't reviewed them.  See you tomorrow night for the next one!  :-)

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