Sunday, October 21, 2012

#21 - Saint Nick

MOVIE:  Saint Nick (2010)

OVERALL ENJOYMENT:  Lots of action!  Zombies!  Evil Santa clauses!  So, fun.  lol

PLOT:  Saint Nick, instead of being a saintly gift-giving lover of children, is actually the undead remains of a bishop of the catholic church who, during the middle ages, roamed the countryside with his crew of "black petes" every full moon and stole food, gold and children from the populace.  Finally, one town, fed up with the taking of their children and his demands for fresh meat, burned the bishop to death.  That town was Amsterdam.  Now, whenever the full moon falls on december 5th (every 32 years or so), Saint Nick returns to Amsterdam to seek VENGEANCE!  :-o

GOOD POINTS:  About time someone told the true story of St. Nick!  I've never trusted that guy.  Watches your children all year round to see whether they've been naughty or nice, breaks into your house once a year and leaves presents under the tree for them, leaving absolutely no trace of himself except some missing cookies and milk?  CREEPY AS HELL!  How is it this guy is not already locked up in a maximum security prison?

BAD POINTS:  No nudity, despite some decent opportunities to reveal the finer points of the actresses.  Definite B-movie fare.

SPOILERS:  Man, that big bald SWAT guy had a really goddamn deep voice.  I was hoping for some mano-a-mano with him and saint nick, but it never happened.  lol  Just saying the name gives me the shivers.  Sinterklaas.  Sounds like a vicious bloodthirsty demon of hell to me.  SSSIIIINTERRRRRKLAAAASSSSSSSSSSS gah!   Sorry.  I scared myself.  Also, I think I peed just a little.

IMPRESSIONS:  Solid B-Movie.  No boobage, unfortunately, but I guess Christmas isn't exactly the most obvious holiday for nudity.  Much to my disappointment.  :-(  But, still a decent movie.  Looking forward to St. Nick 2: NEW YEAR'S VENGEANCE!  Yea, I did just make that up.  lol  Worth a watch.  Probably not twice, but at least once.  Funny in spots.  Unintentionally, I think, but I am pretty sure the movie doesn't take itself too seriously.

OTHER NEWS:  Dexter's on!  Time to go!  See you tomorrow night!  :-D

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